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  • Panorama 2017 (DATA -USB) ※限定入荷 世界最大のスティールパンの大会『パノラマ』 2017年録画映像(mp4)がついに発売になりました! 発売元のTRINIDAD&TOBAGOのWACK FMの オリジナルUSBメモリースティックに入っています。 少量入荷のためお早めにお求めください。 Large Bands: 1st (286 points) Trinidad All Stars - Full Extreme (ar. Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 2nd (283 pts) Desperadoes - Good Morning (arr. Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander) 3rd (280 pts) Renegades - Good Morning (arr. Duvone Stewart) 4th (277 pts) Exodus - Good Morning (arr. Pelham Goddard & Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle) 4th (277 pts) Invaders - Full Extreme (arr. Arddin Herbert) 6th (276 pts) Silver Stars - We Are Conquerors (arr. Liam Teague) 7th (274 pts) Skiffle - Good Morning (arr. Marc Brooks, Kendall Williams, Odie Franklin) 8th (272 pts) Phase 2 Pan Groove - Red, White & Black (arr. Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe) 8th (272 pts) Starlift - Good Morning (arr. Robert Greenidge) 10th (271 pts) Supernovas - Rumble in the Jungle (arr. Amrit Samaroo) 11th (270.5 pts) Tropical Angel Harps - Single (arr. Clarence Morris) Medium Bands: Pan Elders - Roti (arr. Duvone Stewart) Curepe Scherzando - Stranger (arr. Yohan Popwell) Buccooneers - Rhythm Run Tings (arr. Seion Gomez) Katzenjammers - Good Morning (arr. Terrance 'BJ' Marcell) Melodians - Um-Ba-Yo (arr. Amrit Samaroo & Marlon White) Valley Harps - Total Disprder (arr. Michelle Huggins-Watts) Couva Joylanders - Band of the Year (arr. Kareen Brown) Steel Xplosion - Wet Me Down (arr. Arddin Herbert) Pan-Demonium - Cheers to Life (arr. Akua Leith) Sound Specialists of Laventille - Dangerous (arr. Rudo Forteau)